Farmers engagement and Fair Trade Projects

Current Projects :

In September 2016 Elite Green Pvt Ltd supported and enabled the registration of Elite Krishi Vikas Sanstha Nagardale. The main objective of creation of this society was to promote Organic Agriculture and to help and educate the members of this association to procure fair and premium rates for their produce. Elite Green has helped all the 204 farmers registered under this association to obtained their organic certification, and we provide them with all the marketing assistance needed by them to help them reach the customers in a timely and effective manner. We also make sure that the farmers continue with organic agriculture in a sustainable way by providing certification extensions to ensure stability and security to the farmers and their families.

Currently the farmers are spread over 26 villages in Kolhapur, Maharashtra covering two Tehsils namely, Chandgad and Gadhinglaj. The communities largely grow Sugarcane, Cashew nut, Paddy, Pearl Millet, Maize, Ground Nut and Vegetables.

We have similar Projects registered and certified by Ecocert India Pvt. Ltd. In the states of Karnataka and Kerela namely Shri Basaveshwara Savayava Krishikar Sangha Savanuru (Karnataka), Sri Banashankaridevi Savayava Krishikar Sangha (Karnataka) and Calicut Organic Growers Group (Kerala) with 720, 850 and 2230 farmers registered in the above Projects respectively. The farmers in these projects focus or crops like Sugarcane, Maize, Non-Basmati Paddy, Coconut and Cocoa.