Elite Green was founded with an objective to make high quality organic produce from India, easily accessible to buyers all over the globe. We strongly believe in supporting and nourishing the Farming community in India and strive to bridge the gap between farm and table in the most effective way possible. Our team works hard to bring to you the produce our farmers grow with such passion and care, for our customers.

Elite Green is part of the Elite Group of companies, one of the leading players in the Indian Food Industry, with over 9 multi-locational, quality driver, modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a strong presence in the Middle East, USA, Australia, Europe, South East Asia and Africa. Our goal in establishing Elite Green was not only to bring healthy and socially responsible produce to the market, but also to ensure the wellbeing of small and marginal farmers and their families. We are invested in serving and empowering our communities and attempt do so through contributions that leave behind a lasting impact.